An extraordinary conference experience even from right at the back

At the Conference Centre of the Tiempo Business Centre you will be able to organise conferences and events by availing of the best technology and the most qualified personnel within this sector.

The large conference hall that seats 200 people, which has recently been renovated and upgraded with new areas and state-of-the-art technological equipment, offers the organisers a wide range of solutions to make each event unique and effective, and it allows any kind of audience to have an unprecedented audio-visual experience.

  • New video system: with the installation of plasma screens on the ceiling positioned along all the walls of the conference hall, we can guarantee also the public sitting right at the back a pleasurable, complete experience.
  • New audio system: with the installation of an audio system that includes fixed microphones, hand-held microphones, headset or clip-on microphones, we can give speakers a wide choice of how to manage the event.
  • Large Coffee Break/Advertisement Area: the area in front of the conference hall can be set up to display advertising material or to host coffee breaks.
  • Front desk: We offer an exclusive participant reception and registration service, with professional, qualified and multi-lingual personnel.


At the Conference Centre of the Tiempo Business Centre Tiempo, all the conference halls are equipped with the best audio/video equipment in this sector:

  • Fibre-optic Wi-Fi internet connection
  • A video projector
  • A screen
  • Flipcharts
  • Fixed, hand-held, headset and clip-on microphones


Our staff is capable of supporting companies and event organising agencies throughout the entire duration of the conferences, from the organisational to the actual hosting stage:

  • Flexible booking, for either half a day or a whole day
  • Modular conference halls
  • Complete organisation of the event (upon request)
  • Registration of participants at the front desk (upon request)
  • Participant research and recalling activities (upon request)
  • Professional hostesses (upon request)
  • Video-recording of the entire event on DVD which will be given to the customer (upon request)
  • Dedicated technical assistance (upon request)


The possibility of being able to request so many different services is what makes congress organisation extraordinarily complete, flexible and competitive.

  • Car park (5 reserved parking spaces + others available upon request)
  • Hiring of additional equipment (upon request)
  • Buffet catering (upon request)
  • A transfer service from and to the airport, railway station or hotel (upon request)
  • Hotel booking service at one of the Group Hotels, with special price agreements (upon request)
  • Taxi/restaurant booking service (upon request)